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December 22, 2018


Hungover Santa


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Soon to be followed by a wet pile of half masticated, milky fruitcake at his toes.

It looks like Santa has already had one too many cups of eggnog.

Worshipping the twinkle-light god?

With Santa sagging before the big day, we need Dave's 2018 Gift Guide more than ever!

Santa should try some testosterone supplements.

It's okay Santa. I get tired out like that a lot. My doctor said its very common as you age.

I assume you will hold the Barry's harmless.....otherwise, put yourself on the "naughty" list@

Evaporated milk and sugarless cookies are left out.

Really says the true meaning of Xmas. The little tree I mean.

The HOA is going to reach shortly

Washington's using up all the hot air.

A Hard Day's Night

Tom Brady is the prime suspect.

The jolly man in the red suit finally sees his toes.

That photo plainly shows the sad effects of dieting too much over the Holidays. Get Santa back on good food with lots of pie and ice cream and we'll all have a very merry Christmas.

This picture is so funny. Santa looking so pooped

Rough night with Frosty outside the Taco Bell?

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