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December 07, 2018



(Thanks to Ralph)


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I bet he and to trim the receipt to get it to the right length. The upside is that he now has an identical spare!

You can also use those CVS receipts if you run out of police crime scene tape.

BRilliant! However, you can sign up for email receipts and avoid those rolls of ticker tape entirely.

CVS story. I knew a kid living one block over many years ago. His name was Sorhab Rahamani. So a few years ago I go to CVS and check out. The clerk says, "hey, how's it going". I saw his CVS name pin on his shirt read, 'Robby'. He had also lost like 200 lbs and called him self Robby. So much for Sorhab, pronounced So Rob.

I once waited on a client named Sindy Hor. Probally calls herself Robby these days.

The Property Brothers would never do anything like this.

NC ~ We need a Redneck Property Brothers Show. They would do things like this, as well as making planters out of old toilets for the front yard.

Ms. Flukey, This is in Louisiana near Lake Bistineau.


I call it "Thronehenge"

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