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December 20, 2018


Seriously, do not.

(Thanks to Mac Turl)


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I'm guessing the pictures of them together smiling were taken before the incident...(I believe the technical term is "Patella-Oblongata")

They were arguing as they "rowed in an elevator..." The image that comes to mind is a bit too surreal. I guess I need to steer clear of the mushrooms.

Anyone who considers a 'scrotal rupture' to be a "moderate bodily injury" is, clearly, NOT a guy.

Rowing in an elevator is a hanging offense in Texas.

'The victim went to hospital with the injury, where doctors diagnosed a scrotal rupture, considered to be a moderate bodily injury,' said a police statement.
I've seen a lot of scrotal injuries while working in the ER and I have never heard a policeman refer to any of them as a "moderate" injury. I'm also proud of the fact that I've never looked at a male injury like this and said, "Looks like someone has a little boo-boo on their winkie." I am a professional after all.

I Kneed you like the flower needs the rain.

Rather a severe (or is it sever) sort of knee-jerk reaction

Why do some people have to fight to an awful extreme. Not necessary.

Theresa: Ironically, often it's because the stakes are so small.

The baby is so embarrassed to be around them, he won't even show anyone his facial expression.

Elavator rowing is a really popular sport now? Or only in Russia?

Do you use oars, or hands and knees only?

I've heard of sharp elbows but she must have sharp knees.

I hope he finds it. Testicles are always in the last place you look.

When baseball season opens in a few months, I nominate "Uno" Povetyev to throw out the first ball.

Have we finally found something more painful that giving birth??
Or is giving birth still at the top of the list?

And then there's the joke about the dim-witted, stuttering minister, who weekly would ask his congregation "Can I get a test-a testi-a testicle?" (He meant testimony, but as explained....)

I think "moderate" here is a legal term, meant to distinguish "grievous bodily harm" (which is serious injury with intent) from the type of defensive move described in the case.

But, having said that, Rimma technically qualifies to be enshrined beside Lorena Bobbitt in the "Women: Do NOT Mess With Them...EVER" Hall of Fame.

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