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December 05, 2018


What You Need to Know About Using Cannabis Suppositories

(Thanks to Stan Ruth and Michael Parry)


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How do you keep 'em lit?

Just a wild theory here, but do you suppose McCartney's "Let em in" song was actually about Back door medicine?

Key Quote: "I made it my personal and planetary mission to spread the good word of cannabis suppositories to all."

Check out the Bud Candy advertisement. I think the illustration of little Timmy is unnerving.

Don't nothing go in there! (except every couple years when the doc does)

Since the purpose of suppositories is usually to relax that particular part of the anatomy, I see no problem.

You can take your dope and jam it etc......

Haven’t we been treated to several incarceration related stories with this theme on this very blog?

I lost it at "manifested a rectal fissure". And didn't they open for Hoobastank?

@MOTW - " spread the good word"? I think he needs to spread something else to use the suppository.

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