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December 05, 2018


Men's penises are half-an-inch SMALLER if they are exposed to high levels of chemicals in non-stick frying pans and fast food packaging while in the womb, study finds

(Thanks to funny man and Allen at Division)

There are frying pans in the womb?


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My buddy says his therapist took him back to the womb to help to get him through dealing with his small penis and there were specifically frying pans in there with him.

My mom wouldn't let me have fast food packaging (or food) in the womb. For many years was upset, but now, I guess I should thank her...?

Thankfully, it's against the health laws to fry foods in the womb these days. No smoke alarms, lack of proper ventilation and waste disposal are only a few of the problems. This study must have been done on men who were frying in the womb before the new laws went into effect.

Good news! Finally no more split Trojans!

The Teflon Dong.

Why would anyone put his penis in a non-stick frying pan?



No more Whoppers.

If you have to spend all your time scrubbing charred frying pans, what difference does it make how long your penis is ?

Half an inch... Seriously? Look at a ruler and tell me the convenience of Teflon pans and not having to cook dinner every night weren't worth that small sacrifice for your dear old mom.
Besides, what's a drop of water in the ocean? (Am I right, fellas?) *nudge, nudge, wink, wink*

Was it a 10 inch frying pan, or a 12 inch version?

@Jeff - because it would be seriously painful if it stuck.

Non-stick penis? Wow!

I always thought that fast-food places super-sized you...

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