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November 13, 2018


Life of The Party LED Light Up 3-Piece Holiday Party Suit

There’s also a nice light-up Chanukah onesie, although somebody seems to think it’s for Christmas.

(Thanks to Bill Hudgins)

And if that is not classy enough for the fashion-conscious man on your holiday list, consider this

(Thanks to Bill Carver)


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No wonder Penney's is going out of business.

"No one will expect the LED light up feature, so make sure you turn them on AFTER you arrive for maximum impact. You’ll bring delight to all your friends, co-workers and family be immediately escorted out of the office Holiday Party and sent to rehab by the nice people at the E.A.P. in this fun suit and make some great memories with lots of laughs."

Surprise your friends at the biker bar.

What's really surprising is how many sizes are sold out for the first suit.

No video demo. Poor advertising.

When I saw the word “onesie” my first thought was it would be a garment for an infant. Silly me!

For a guaranteed response from fellow passengers and a full pat down by TSA officers be sure to wear your new LED suit when going through airport security.

Ill bet anyone wearing that will not be single for long......

I hope mine arrives in time for the holiday party.

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