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November 13, 2018


North Carolina man punches bear in nose during attack

(Thanks to Janice Gelb)


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That's actually a recommended last-ditch procedure for dealing with a bear; their nose and eyes are very sensitive, unlike the thick skull.

I suspect there is more to this story. Most Black Bear "attacks" are "bluff charges," particularly when you can see them coming. Back off slowly and you are no longer a threat; run and you are a target. In rare cases of premeditated attacks, they move so fast they are on you before you can react. Was this guy aggravating Mama instead of backing off?

Betty scared the bear off and called 911.
Being a North Carolina woman like Betty, I suspect she told the bear to stop that nonsense and go back where she came from because she didn't have time for any of this. We're taught early how to use a certain tone in our voice that shows we mean business. If you're really good it can scare away a bear. Go Betty!

Gee, Yogi, the Ranger's not gonna like this.

Although he sufferded multiple scrapes and bruises from the attack, the Pumphreys are grateful Sonny’s still alive.

I second nursecindy's 'Go Betty!'

The family cat would have killed the bear and victory danced around the body.

I hear Avenati needs some new clients.

He could say it was a porn bear (snork)

Why did he punch a beer?



Brings new meaning to Bear-Knuckle fighting...

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