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November 24, 2018


Cincinnati man covered in face tattoos is arrested for the 54th TIME and charged with kidnapping a woman and holding her for $100 ransom


(Thanks to Geoff)


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I wonder how many times a day he has to tell people to quit looking at him?
Maybe they will decide to save the police some time and just keep him in jail now.

"What makes you think it was me, Officer?"

He wasw doing everything he dould to break into television, including body art.

Unfortunately, he didn't realize the somebody else had the role of 'Tattoo' on Fantasy Island.

Sorry, I have to say it:
"Any distinguishing features?"
I mean, where do they find people to put in a police lineup with this guy? The circus isn't ALWAYS in town.

"I see you're back for another tat, what face trademark theme we doin' today?"

"Something that says, "I'm not worthless, I'm money, baby."

"No nothing too intricate or pro'd out."

"I couldn't sleep last night praying you wouldn't mess up my face to the point of making me look stupid."

I live in Cincinnati, and at first I thought it was my accountant, but he doesn't have a goatee.

He's got space on the right ear.

OldPhil, he's got space BETWEEN the ears.

^5 nursecindy and padraig

Ladies: he's apparently in circulation.

Ladies or others NTTIAWWT

He is just one of our candidates looking for love on our new site LYS (Lower Your Standards)

He was obviously innocent the other 53 times...

Probably mistaken identity, it could've been anyone.

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