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November 08, 2018


69-Year-Old Dutch Man Is Suing to Lower His Age by 20 Years

(Thanks to pharmaross, Nelson from Michigan, PirateBoy and Laurie Ann-Farr Cavanaugh Bobskill) 


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So he describes his body as "god like" and his face as perfect. I don't think his true age is the reason he's not getting any dates.
Also, why can't he just lie like everybody else?

Exactly! I saw this on a British website. Why not get out the Grecian Formula (tm) and then say you're 21 if it makes you feel better.


70 IS the new 50!

Move to California. There they'll believe anything.

The local court in Amsterdam counter sued to have the man's IQ officially lowered by 20 points.

That is a good point. But advise Dave, if he tries it, not to lie about his height. That only works on a Marine recruiter.

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