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November 27, 2018


Wedding photographer 'had sex with a guest and urinated on a tree' before telling officers 'y'all families will be dead by Christmas'

(Thanks to Michael Moyer, pharmaross and manual tomato)


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"Hello, I'm interested in employing a wedding photographer and if possible would she be willing to have sex with a few, possibly me too, of the guests while on location?"

*SMACKS* manual tomato.
When I saw the photographer had urinated on a tree I assumed it was a male because not many of us women can do that. I wonder if she ever made time to take any pictures of the bride and groom?

NC, When you ASSUME you make....nevermind, you'll just hit me.

I assumed it was a guy too. I must say she sounds like a fun date. Maybe not the best choice for the job, though.

This is a local story for me. From last night's news, the other side of the story told by her father is that the punch she was handed had alcohol in it, unbeknownst to her. (Since she is taking Xanax, she knows not to mix it with alcohol.) Her family said that she was approached by two men and the sex was not initiated by her. She does not remember any of her behavior.

We'll have to see what comes out in the investigation and indictment.

Sometimes the stress of dealing with the bride's mother gets to you.

It was a short tree?

Judging by her "bikini model selfies," I am a tad skeptical.


Nice collection of "evidence" photos.

I originally misread her name as, "Meth-head."

That's what happens when you hire your photograapher from Craig's List.

Waiting for NC to *SMACK* OldPhil.

If she's nimble enough to pee on a tree, I bet she can get a new gig with Cirque d'u Soleil.

Too many drinks made her lose her focus and the cops could not shutter up.

Thinking back to my Dektol days, I'm guessing that this story is still developing.

As a fellow bikini model, I feel her pain.

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