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November 26, 2018


Prisoner caught with phone up his bum claimed he knew nothing about it

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Lying out his ass.

Bum Blowers opened for the Butthole Surfers. Crappy show.

it was set on vibrate.

It'll get crappy reception up there.

nursecindy had many ER patients over the years with the same claim about a Maglite. Just no idea at all of how it got there.

You wanna reverse the charges?

One ringy dingy...

So true Jeff. I bet no one ever asks this guy if they can borrow his phone.

Can you hear me now ?

Wonder how many people he butt dialed?

Butt dialing 999 could be a problem.

He's since been offered a role on Crack Yakkers.

Perhaps he used to work for Verizon? The location of that device matched exactly where I told their customer no-service person they could place their phone, on more than one occasion!

E.T. phone home....uh wait E.T. will just stay here.

"One ringy dingy. Two Ringy dingy's. Hello, is the the ass I am talking to?"

Geezer reference.

"Mr. martin. I am your court appointed solicitor and, in response to your request, NO, I will definitely not speak into your bum."

Even after cleaning and sanitizing, I didn't want to put the phone that fell into the toilet near my face. This??????Ghaaaa.

Funny man owes me royalties.

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