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November 30, 2018


Millennials in China Are Using Nudes to Secure Loans

(Thanks to Greg Snow)


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This is one of those headlines that cause you to say, "WTF". I assume you know what "WTF" translates for.

Reuters reported on this last year. Personally, I don't find the idea of young women being forced into prostitution all the amusing. But possibly this cold I have is interfering with my sense of humor.

Now I've seen everything.

I don't get it. I assume family and friends have seen you naked or close enough.

I typically use the opposite tactic. I told my loan officer that if they didn't loan me money for a new boat then I'd spread nude photos of myself all over their parking lot.

My boat is read and really fast!

10 gb of data for 161 victims = 16 mb images.

Someone is "focused" on more than loan repayments.

Details are still developing.

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