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November 08, 2018


NASA has plans to probe Uranus in search of gas

(Thanks to Ralph)

Serious Question: Do we think scientists study Uranus more than other planets solely because they know their work will be featured by immature media such as this blog? Are the Neptune scientists jealous? 


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Headline writers live for moments like this... As well as anyone who has been an elementary school pupil

It doesn’t get any better than this for a headline writer.

I am skeptical. I bet these scientists can't tell the difference between Uranus and a hole in the ground!

NASA can just keep it's probes to itself!
*SMACKS* pharmaross for attempting to make this political.

I bet all the junior high science teachers will avoid this subject.

" You have come to the right place, Earth man. "

It is Lord Vader who is exploring the Dark Side of Uranus. They made a whole movie about this, I heard.

This is why astronomers and educators are promoting the pronunciation of ‘YUR-uh-nuss’.

Especially educators.

I was told by astronomers (who happen to be language experts???) that the closest pronunciation to the original Greek is YOU-Ran-Us. The problem is, if you say it that way, no one has any idea that you're talking about Uranus. Also, headlines like the above completely lose their appeal, which is far more important to me that correct pronunciation.

I must object to your characterization of this blog as “immature”. It is clearly very mature. In fact, it is well on its way to “second childhood.”

I saw Your Anus open for Butthole Surfers.

Yes. Stinking scientists.

I understand the gas giants of Uranus can be quite unpleasant when they erupt. Especially so when the eruption happens inside a movie theater.

I say give Nobel Prizes to all researchers into Uranus (heh), because these individuals serve to advance both science AND comedy!

And, for those Uranus researchers named Mike Hunt...give 'em an Oscar, too!

What about those scientists who investigate Venus?

Are they considered venereal?

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