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November 09, 2018


Toy Hall of Fame inducts Uno, Magic 8 Ball and pinball

(Thanks to Bob Brogan)

This blog agrees with adding Uno and of course the Magic 8 Ball. But we cannot agree that pinball is a "toy," and that it beat out Chutes and Ladders. This is why Americans are losing confidence in their fundamental institutions.


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How about Slime?

They would have made the announcement sooner, but the Magic 8-Ball kept saying, "Reply Hazy" and "Ask Again Later".

No mention of Yahtzee? In my family Yahtzee and Uno are actually contact games. I was once accused of cheating because I kept rolling double sixes while playing Yahtzee. Thanksgiving was awkward that year.

NC - Slightly competitive, were you?
We had knock-down, drag out fights over Monopoly and Risk. I still have a "dice scar".

When I read the announcement, I was shocked that Chutes and Ladders was beaten by pinball. Since my office is across the street from the Museum that decides these things, I though I might protest today in person. But it's snowing now. I'll protest when the weather improves. June, I hoping.

If a 3 metre snake bites you, you're disqualified.

Back in the days when I wandered around South Florida, we used to go to "Grand Prix Race-o-Rama" off of I-95. At lunchtimes on Fridays, a group of us would pile into a car, grab something from the drive-thru and head on down to Grand Prix. All just to play pinball.

They had between 15 and 25 machines. Since it was lunchtime on Friday, you could play just about any of them. We'd play until 1pm, stop no matter what was going on in the particular pinball game we were play, and walk out. If there were kids there, we'd direct them to the pinball machines, and tell them which ones had any free games we racked up on them. We always had a great time playing those pinball games.

I've heard the place was renamed Boomers at some point, and has since been torn down.

I was able to pick up a machine (Eight Ball Deluxe) when I lived down there. Drove up to Palm Beach Gardens to pick it up. I think it cost me about $300-$400 at the time.

Now new machines go for over $3500... sometimes a LOT over that.

I wouldn't call pinball a "toy" either. Sure is a lot of fun though.

Pinball wizard Tommy stated that he would not attend the awards show if The Orange One would be there. Deaf and blind, but not DUMB.

I too spent an hour a day, 5X a week, eating lunch at the local $2 Slice and Soda place, where they always had a decent pinball game. For 50 cents, we would play for an hour and then walk out, always with 10-12 free plays left. The high school kids were usually angry that we hogged "their" machine.

the REAL magic 8-ball will have “Reply hazy” and “ask again later” come up together. In cursive writing.

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