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November 29, 2018


Woman reveals how a suitor told her to wear a black dress for their ‘surprise’ outing - then took her to his grandmother's FUNERAL

(Thanks to Roberto)


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'wear a black dress and I'll surprise you'

Admit it, you were surprised. What's the problem?

No dinner with drinks first?
A friend set me up on a blind date once and he told me during our entree that he'd have to ask his five kids if they'd like for me to be their new mom before we could go any further. I wonder whatever happened to him?

Reader, I married him.

My favorite part of the article:

"Nooooo" (sic).

And I thought the Ed Gein Book of Etiquette was long out of print.

"you had me at nan's funeral"--words no woman has ever or will ever say to a man!

Jeff, your Pride and Prejudice are showing.

She could have made animal noises to liven up the party.

Seems like an appropriate time for 'pit farts.

Hey, they got lotsa free food at those things. That's MY idea of a perfect date.

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