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November 30, 2018


Beavers casually stroll into Cumberland Farms store

(Thanks to Rid Nunley)


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"SLAP TAIL FOR SERVICE" is also a good way to get your face slapped, I've been told.

Any relation to the bear that walked into the CHP station a couple days ago?

The first beaver stormed out because they didn't have any dam firewood!

Shockingly, the store had no alder bark jerky. The Massachusetts State Legislature is now working on a law to remedy the store’s obviously virulent speciesism.

We had a young bobcat stroll into the beer cooler of our local Vons market a few days ago. Did the beaver put him to that?

I wouldn't call what beavers do on land "strolling." I might give these two "sauntering" on the basis of attitude. But mostly I'd call it "four-legged waddling."

Cumberland Farms is one of the last places I'd look for a nice of tail.


Beaver herding is now an employment requirement.

Boldly going where no beaver has gone before.

" Got any Ipana ? "

Beavers ?
Oh, those beavers....

^5 to Clankie. I'll go warm up the bus and wait for you.

Wait. The other beaver was talking on a cell-phone? And couldn't find the door on its own? Not buyin' it. It's a set up. They'll be back.

I saw Casual Beavers open for The Chipmunks.

Restrooms only for paying customers, dammit!


Brusha, brusha, brusha, here's new Ipana toothpaste.
Brusha, brusha, brusha, it's dandy for your teee-eeth.

Keep the motor running.

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