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November 05, 2018


“Honestly, it’s not for everyone.”

(Thanks to John Lobert)


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This was apparently the conclusion that Zhenguo Yu's ex-wife came to as well.

But does it have Dave Barry Lift Station No. 16? No. For that you need Grand Forks, North Dakota.

Some years ago, England had a contest for a new motto. The best submittal: "At least we're not French".

This reminds me of a fake sign I saw once that said:
Iowa. We hope you brought something to do.
North Carolina's motto is "First In Flight" which for some reason really ticks off people in Ohio.

I spent a month driving across western Nebraska one day.

Lived there for four years —

A better slogan would be "Smell Our Dairy Air"...

If you love traffic jams, high taxes and getting mugged, the entire rural Midwest is not for you. Remain in Chicago or New York.

They used to promote how centrally located they are. "It's only a four -hour flight to New York City! Only three and a half hours to the West coast!" Apparently, Nebraska is only a few hours from anywhere you would want to be.

Since they mentioned that Nebraska has a lot of cornfields why not say:
Nebraska,we will a-maize you!
I'd visit a state that said something like that.

A friend of mine was nearly attacked by a cougar in Nebraska. I'm talking the feline kind.

Nebraska - Gateway to Iowa

The most exclusive place in America. Nobody goes there!
(adapted from Groucho)

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