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November 25, 2018


International Space Station toilets infested with infectious 'space bugs'

(Thanks to Le Petomane and pharmaross)


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I believe that The Big Bang Theory did this about 5 seasons ago, when Howard's space toilet broke on board the ISS.

Key scene: They are ready to test the device. Howard gets a container with some of his mother's meatloaf, slices off a piece, and places it in the toilet. Raj asks if that is how you test a toilet. Howard assures him that his mother's meatloaf has been testing toilets for years. When he initiates the test the meatloaf slice flies out of the toilet and sticks to the ceiling. Raj asks what the problem could be. Howard replies, "Not enough bread crumbs."

To follow tradition, we can assume the ISS scientists will attempt to hatch the space bug's eggs.

NASA’s working theory is that the toilet bugs came from Uranus.

Space Toilet STD's. They're just cleaning the story up.

I guess I'll have to cancel that trip.

Is the Mightymaids rocket ready for launch yet ?

Dr Kasthuri Venkateswaran, a microbiologist at Jet Propulsion Laboratory Biotechnology and Planetary Protection Group and a fellow author of the study, said that three of the strains belonged to a species which can cause disease in newborn babies.

I hope nobody smuggles any newborn babies onboard the ISS...

Bunch of whiners...hell, I've seen bugs in BP station bathrooms that I could've engaged in hand-to-hand combat.

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