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November 30, 2018


Hurling and camogie on UNESCO list of protected cultural activities

(Thanks to Matt Filar)

Who among us has never hurled a camogie?


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Hurling or curling? Because there might be a difference.

At first glance I thought it said "karaoke."

When we were in Ireland the national finals for hurling were taking place. I still don't know what the sport is, but being a fan apparently entails a LOT of drinking and singing into the wee hours. On a side note, thin hotel walls, thin floors, and sound-conducting ventilation shafts are a standard feature in Irish hotels.

@Allen: Drinking and singing usually is what leads to hurling, although perhaps a different kind.

I thought camogie was a delicious Italian sandwich, so why would you hurl that (unless you REALLY got a BAD one)...?

WAIT! I thought hurling was what you did after eating bad food? You means puking is protected?

Well it is bout time!!!!

Can you imagine working for UNESCO as a "Cultural Activities Protector" ? Do suppose a boss comes by and yells: "YOU'VE ONLY PROTECTED 5 ACTIVITIES THIS WEEK ! GET CRACKING !".

"I thought camogies were a distant cousin to the pierogies..."

Sounds like something Cliff Clavin would say.

Hurling & Camogie were a great vaudeville comedy act in the 1920's.

If Camogie is anything like haggis, I surely would be doing a lot of hurling after eating it.

Mexican camogies and haggis are two things we know exist, but no one really wants to know what's in them.

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