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November 23, 2018


An ATM was found in the Maine woods. No one knows where it came from.

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Its another Tardis with a stuck camouflage circuit

It came from the riverbank.

Maybe Stephen King put it there to get ideas for his next book. If I'm not mistaken he lives in Bangor, Maine. I can see it now, an unsuspecting hunter finds the ATM and just for the heck of it puts in his PIN and hits "Enter". He's immediately sucked into the machine and finds himself in an alternative universe where he's forgotten his PIN and can't get back home. Sounds like a bestseller to me.

Does a bear bank in the woods ?

Bravo, Clankie!

A squirrel once made a deposit on my porch....

^5 markhh. I was thinking that the BBC was desperately grabbing at straw to reboot Doctor Who.

I like Doctor Who!

For a hunter that just needs a couple of bucks.

NC, I am a Whovian. My license plate holder says, "My Other Car is a TARDIS." I felt cheated when Amy and Rory left. I did not care for the writing during Clara's or Capaldi's time - I felt no connection to the characters, the story, or the show after that. Even the producers realized it when they put the show on hiatus before getting a female Doctor.

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