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November 06, 2018


Man sits in feces on Delta flight

Meehan said he asked flight attendants for help cleaning up, but they only provided two paper towels and a small bottle of Bombay Sapphire gin. 

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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Thanks for posting this one. I have to catch a flight tonight. I’ll be watching where I sit. I’m just grateful I’m not flying Delta.

"It's right there on your Boarding Pass, this seat may contain freshly deposited feces or previously crushed vine ripened tomatoes."

Next time, pay the $65 upgrade fee for Comfort+.

I read that How terrible. The person that had the sick service dog on the previous flight should of said something. The plane should of been checked before they allowed people to board. The attendants should of cleaned it. However the first thing that I would of asked for was a bottle of disinfectant and a roll of paper towels. What can you do with 2 squares? If need be I def would of cleaned it up and then filed a grievance to have my clothes cleaned and a discount on another flight. Poor customer service.

That Bombay Sapphire gin is a nice gesture, so it was totally worth it

Could only improve some airlines seats I've dealt with over the years.

Fraternity prank?

Train travel and the Greyhound Bus system is looking more and more appealing.

"Well, I'm pooped!" takes on new meaning ...

The airline promptly charged him extra

LOL! If he thinks that was bad just wait until he sees what they did to his luggage!

Southwest gave me similar service this past weekend, except they still don't charge for treating you like c$A!

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