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November 26, 2018


Amazon slammed for selling hardcore porn DVD in ‘Dad Gifts’ category

(Thanks to Allen at Division)


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Mom - Show Dad how much (literally) he means to you: pair this DVD with the "#1 DAD" tape measure on the same page.

And yet Amazon goes unpunished for the Alexa commercial that claims "Daddy's favorite song" in his record collection is one of those cutesty-poo lame-ass ukulele-and-twinkle-bell tunes that plagues three-fifths of today's TV ads but which no one would actually be cruel or stupid enough to commit to vinyl.

Wait, this is wrong? Should it be in Mom Gifts, perhaps?

Stix: They missed a bet with the tape measure. Apparently, it legitimately measures inches instead of being flatteringly wrong...

Allen- Apparently the tape has two sets of measurement marks. In addition to U.S. Customary, there's no metric, but there is a "Yeah, Right" set.

That'll get you on the naughty list.

So AmoebaStampede, are you saying you don't like the Alexa commercial? I'll take that one anyday over the insurance commercial that shows the guy in the shopping cart throwing things off shelves. That one makes me stabby.
I don't get it about the porn though. Every guy I know says they never watch porn and in fact finds it disgusting. They wouldn't lie would they?

Daddy's favorite song is really "Hot Child in the City."

Guys: ixnay on akingmay ursenayindycay abbystay

smacks Jeff

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