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November 28, 2018


Baby’s gender reveal sparked massive wildfire that took 800 firefighters a week to put out

What Could Possibly Go Wrong? He planned to fire a gun at a target that would explode with either pink or blue powder.

(Thanks to John Lobert)

(Not to be pedantic, but: It's "hare-brained." Not "hair-brained.")

Another version of the story, with video, is here.

(Thanks to pharmaross and Fabian Marson)


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I'm guessing the baby was a boy?

And he might even have had liability insurance that paid his $220,000 fine for causing an $8 million fire.

Hare today, gone tomorrow. --suggested slogan for those baby-reveal tests that use rabbits.

Can we blame insanity on Global Warming ?

I would name the baby "Blaze" if a boy or "Ember" if a girl.

Hmmmm. I think there is a metaphor buried in there somewhere.....

(Not to be pedantic, but: It's "hare-brained." Not "hair-brained.")

"Shoe-in" for comment of the year.

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