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November 28, 2018


Researchers from the Imagineering Institute in Malaysia have developed ‘digital smell technology’, that could let you send smells online.

(Thanks to Michael Moyer)


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Smell-o-vision is old news.

Opening new markets:


Lovin that oven!

New world odor!

Glad that nobody submitted the "Farting Florida Woman" story using "digital smell technology."

"I fart in your general direction!"
-iPhone user

When you don't care to send the very best.

"You've Got Smell !"

"That wasn't me!! My iPhart was hacked!"

That's only going to make those food porn videos all the more tortuous.

* snork * @ LeDud

In terms of practical uses, the researchers believe that the system could one day be used in cinemas, to give viewers a more immersive experience.

Oh, great — it seems like most movies stink already...

Please do not add this feature to the blog.

Smells like iphone spirit

Long distance dutch oven.

My ISP provider (Sounds like "Frontier") already stinks!

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