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November 26, 2018


Japanese company’s hands-free umbrella looks like a giant condom for your head

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Not that there's anything wrong with that, of course.

The perfect gift for that special d***head in your life.

You probably wouldn't get very far if you came to bed with that on, though.

Been done before:

Apparently they don't have actual wind currents in Japan.
Over here on the Oregon Coast, that thing would be snatched off your head in a couple of microseconds.

Does the ladies' version come with ribs?

If properly used, it will work 94% of the time.

If you're in a jam, they sell them for .50 in dispensers at gas stations.

I'll be in the back of the geezer bus if anyone needs me.

I can think of some heads from which we need protection.

Sorry, I need the full raincoat, iykwim...

@ImNotDave - Nope. That's an umbrella hat. Same purpose but much different design. Members of the Umbrella Hat Society wouldn't be caught dead in a head condom.

@- Suzie Q Wacvet -
When in doubt therre's always a dry-cleaners plastic bag.
(Is dry-cleaning still a thing?)

Safety first! Hence the age old advice-"wear your rubbers".

Politicians mandated to wear it backwards for our protection.

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