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November 29, 2018


Online Homeware Store Mocked for Selling Handful of Twigs for $42

"Seriously. The ground’s covered in them."

(Thanks to Ralph)


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Perfect for your Pet Rock to fetch.

Hey, the scammer designer has to eat, too!

One wonders how many of these mocking people own $399 tattered jeans.

"Well, we’d like to show you another one of Mr. Mainway’s products. It retails for $1.98, and it’s called Bag O’ Glass. [ holds up bag of glass ] Mr. Mainway, this is simply a bag of jagged, dangerous, glass bits."

@Burt - We're just packaging what the kids want, ya know?

To think of the fortune I hauled to the dump every year. We had bushels of birch branches after every wind storm and fall.

What people do in the privacy of their own homes is their own business...
but wouldn't willow switches twigs do a better job?

Doesn't everyone have a beaver on their Christmas list ?

Didn't they also sell those on Goop?

And their sticks were all Gwyneth Paltrow tested!

Do these come from big trees or little sons of birches?

I got a four foot long birch branch about an inch and a half in diameter and it only cost $10 at my local CB2 store. Much cheaper than flying from California to the east coast and back again to get what my wall decor cried out for!

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