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November 29, 2018


9:09 a.m. A Libby woman reported that someone broke into her house and moved all her remotes.

The horror.

(Thanks to Roberto)


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I just hate it when that happens.

That remote-thief from Libby visits my house at least once a week. @?$#%!

My aunt used to believe that someone came in and stole her TV but left an inferior one in its place. This was before remotes when TVs were boxy and heavy furniture.

2:18 p.m. Someone cooking Thanksgiving dinner set off a smoke detector.

That narrows the list of suspects down to every bachelor in North America.

When the police recovered the lady's moved remotes, the owner discovered to her horror, the thief had also scrambled all the numbers.

I wonder if that remote lady is the same lady who thought bears had stolen her purse from her house.

I wonder if this is the same person that comes into my house and hides my glasses and car keys?

Sometimes our remotes turn on the TVs in the middle of the night. Just sayin'.

@oldPhil - it happened to me to wake up at 2 AM to hear my TV loudly playing some music. I was alone, except for my cat. So I deducted that she jumped on the couch, where I always leave my remote, and pressed the ON button. Or maybe it was a ghost, but I still suspect my cat.

There's a cheap keyfob for messing with other people's TV's — and minds.

2:45 p.m. A Libby man called 911 asking that police do something about all the grizzly bears on his lawn. The man called back a little later to report that he’s been running a fever for the last few days and he “might be seeing things.”

Fever? Riiiiight.

Fortunately, her 23 cats had not been harmed.

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