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November 29, 2018


You don’t wanna know what was found on McDonald’s self-service screens

(Thanks to Geoff and pharmaross)


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That explains the new slogan: "I'm Glovin' It!"

I've seen people use then at certain McD's...it takes as much as four times as just ordering at the counter.

This is how a clown defines progress?

[somehow some of this was dropped from above comment]

four times as long as just ordering at the counter


I thought maybe they were displaying Burger King menus.

We never had this problem at Taco Bell in 1977. Just sayin.

I've seen them here and I don't use them. In fact I don't use public touch screens anywhere.
Plus, we're gonna need a lot more hand sanitizer.

I saw two of my doctors yesterday. Orthopedics is planning use of either a Lego head or leaving a four-inch incision gash to take the pressure off, I forgot which. But the flu shot I had to my understanding covers anything a trip to McDonald's has to throw at me.

Let me guess - LEGOs?

I hate articles where there's a " it gets worse ".

"If you look for feces, you’re gonna find it,” said Dr. Chapman.

Gee, doc, do you think lots of people go looking for it?

(Perhaps this will spawn a new reality show, FECES HUNT...)

funny man, don't give the network executives any ideas.

Wasn't Feces the name of Rod Stewart's original band?

Do you want flies with that?

”We are bathed, as a society, in human feces,”

Similar researcher findings after swabbing and growing cultures from Doctor's pens and ties they wear.

As a pharma rep, I would get new pens daily or disinfect my iPad stylus frequently that Docs use to sign for drug samples. Needless to say you try to avoid shaking hands with busy physicians who are poking, probing and touching their patients who have a myriad of bacteria and bugs and various orifices examined. Ewww!

Expect to see sanitizer wipes next to self serve order screens as they are now also placed next to shopping carts in stores to wipe down the handles and the sitting area for diaper wearing babies. Even the air hand dryers in restrooms blow and disperse bacteria into the air. I want to be a "Bubble Boy."

My ServSafe training as a pastry chef emphasized that hand sanitizers are no substitute for good old-fashioned hand washing, with soap and warm water, for at least 20 seconds...and, working in a professional kitchen will thoroughly convince you of the proliferation of bacteria, if nothing else will.

That's why I make it a point to wash my hands whenever arriving or departing from any location, and only using the sanitizer sporadically throughout the day. And, while I ended up changing careers, this habit has remained with me, and as a result I get sick a whole lot less...except when I see people at the Wal Mart self-check licking their fingers before trying to open those balky plastic carrier bags. Yikes!

That's why cashiers use SortKwik or other similar products to help open bags or count currency. We wash our hands regularly as well.

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