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November 30, 2018


People Are Betting Thousands On Illegal Cricket Fighting In China

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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How many of these bets are made with money from nude loans?

Are there also teeny-tiny corrupt fight promoters who bribe the cricket fighters to take a dive by offering them choice, tasty plants and comely lady-crickets?


There was a cricket man, and he had a cricket smile?

We once tried a cricket fighting arena here in Geezer Acres. It was fun at first, but when the little buggers started rubbing their hind legs together, they just weren't in a fighting mood. One could compare the rising din to a small bagpipe convention. We released the crickets and to this day we relax in the silence of the crickets.

An I correct in understanding that the losing crickets get dipped in chocolate...?

That's pretty dangerous. Those cricket bats are hard.


my first thought was to the bat-and-ball sport rather than the insect

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