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November 07, 2018


Man falls through Waffle House roof in video, fights customers and runs away

This has been your Alabama Dining Report.

(Thanks to Steve K, pharmaross and veee)


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My wife wants to know why his used his pants instead of his shirt. And, perhaps, was alcohol involved?

We note that Alabama shares a border with Florida - probably overflow.

And what would be the reason for getting in the ceiling? Waffle Hopuse never closes, so he can't climb down and rob the place after they close.

Waffles can be infuriating.

Waffle House and Chuck E. Cheeses are going to start charging extra for the floor shows.

Presumably, Chuck E. was closed for the night.

It's too far north to blame on our proximity to Florida ... I guess we have to blame this one on Mississippi!

Any chance he's related to the bare bottomed woman who fell through the ceiling of the Cookout last week?

Waffle House- come for the waffles, stay for the entertainment.

Maybe he got some bad maple syrup. It is a gateway drug to jam and jelly.


I wondered that too - maybe that’s their lunch spot.

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