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November 27, 2018


Bear Opens Door, Strolls Into Calif. Highway Patrol Facility

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I really wish it would have gone into the bathroom so there could be an alternate answer to the age old question.

It might require a special cleanup crew to visit the CHP facility.

A bear walks into a bar....Yogi?

Sorry...I thought this was about a bar. Or Broderick Crawford.

An "unexpected visitor" on four legs and boasting some serious dexterity handily let itself into a California Highway Patrol facility near Lake Tahoe earlier this month.

Journalism pro tip:
Never assume a bear's gender...

The bear, standing up on its hind legs, promptly turns the handle, pulls the door open and casually strolls through the doorway on all fours, taking time to check out what's on display in some nearby vending machines.

Just getting in some holiday window shopping. Since this was Nov 17th, he/she/xe/it was probably hoping to return for the CHP Black Friday Sale.

Just reporting a break in at his house by some nutty blonde chick.

I thought all CHP's were bears?

Do bears go in the break room?

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