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November 07, 2018


Voters in southern Nevada on Tuesday appeared likely to pick Republican Dennis Hof, the legal pimp who died last month to serve in state Assembly District 36.

(Thanks to pharmaross and Kevin Smith)


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The new speaker is also dead.

*your political pimp joke here*

I think my favorite part about his death (not that I am happy about him or anyone dying, of course) was that he was found dead by Ron Jeremy and a prostitute. No word if he died with a smile on his face.

"So who did you vote for?"
"Dennis Hof."
"The guy's a stiff!"

Not the first time a pimp has received honorary public recognition:


If this had happened in Florida we'd all think it was the opening of a Carl Hiassan novel.

If they run him in the next election, I bet he'll win.

Le Pet -- well, he does have experience

How many dead people voted for him?

He'll rigorously represent his constituents.

I heard he won on women issues.


Nor is it.


Send his coffin to Washington.

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