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November 08, 2018


Man Who Writes Bigfoot Erotica Now a U.S. Congressman

In accordance with our strict policy, we a re not making fun of his name, or the name of his opponent.

(Thanks to Samuel Sprague) 


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But was the Brothel on Wheels part of his campaign?

Asking for a friend.

Send this guy to...uh, never mind.

Curious women want to know...

Is it really a Big Foot?

I thought men with big feet....never mind.

At long last a small measure of sanity returns to government.

There has been a lot of recent sightings by impassioned men who oddly enough look like a women They claim they were stimulated enough to come forward with what is being characterized as erogenous encounters with a very suave, attractively groomed very rich Bigfoot.

Big Foot has never done it for me. On the other hand Yeti..well I think we can all see the attraction there. Let's just say he's not that abominable of a snowman, iykwim and I hope you do because I sure don't.

I like boobs.

The laser hair removal industrial complex (aka "Big Hair) has been trying to bury this whole Bigfoot erotica genre for years! At last it gets the attention it deserves!

Paul is dead.

I want them to get married just for the hyphenation. Will they be the Riggleman-Cockburns or vice versa? Or they could do a portmanteu and be the Riggleburns?
Maybe the Cockma-- wait, that won't work, how about the Riggleco-- nah, how about the Cockburns? Crap, they already did that.

This is my home district. Leslie Cockburn pronounces her name "Co-Burn". Apparently she never took a course on phonics.

"Coke-Burn" would be fun, too.

Did anyone mention that Denver owns a whiskey distillery? Bigfoot and whiskey. Paaartay.

Bigfoot..Small Hands..HMMM ?

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