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October 29, 2018


Alabama woman seeks help after fake teeth get stuck 

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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We note Alabama shares a border with Florida.

Don’t use the glue that comes with fake fangs because you will end up at the Emergency Dentist. A universal truth we can all use every day. If this saves just one life. For the children.

I need to hit the after Halloween sales to get a set befor my first dentist visit in 13 years

Never buy your zombie teeth at Dollar Tree. Also, this could never have happened in West Virginia...

"Be careful what you wish for!"--Attributed, I think, to some strange dude named Aladdin

Helpful hint:
Nail polish remover (acetone) will remove almost anything...
from Heloise column?

Reminds me of that old instant coffee commercial.

We're secretly replacing the adhesive in this fake teeth kit with genuine Krazy Glue ™.

I'm surprised nobody's made the comment:
"She's in Alabama... how would anybody notice anything different about her?"

For the record, Mobile is only abour 50 +/- miles from Florida...

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