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October 04, 2018


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You're making me hungry!

wait...What? No dried squid or Rocky Mountain Oysters?

Snake-Head Brine opened opened for Carly Simon.

Allergy alert: This Products contains Fish

Whew — good thing that was in bold red letters...

And why does it refer to more than one product in the jar?

Which of these pairs well with potted meat food product?

The music video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JKDtUzRIG6I

And I thought my addiction to lutefisk was a bad thing

Vietnam vets who suffered immeasurable harm from the crippling effects Grass Jelly, we are with you.

If this is your way of coping with your kilt addiction,
I can tell you from experience that junk food is not the answer.

Don't give the producers of Chopped any ideas.

Grass Jelly? Duuuuuuuuuuude.

It's GLASS jelly, not grass jelly. Looks like grape jello to me.

Thanks, but I'll just stick with gagh and hearts of targ along with a nice glass of blood wine.

I've eaten squid crisps and grass jelly, but I haven't seen the snakehead slurry in my local asian market. Did try (and liked) a smoked prat (little fish) smeary product. Y'all need to get out more.

Where did you find grass jelly for just $1.99?! Such a deal!

Just remember the previous cooking tip: Always Preheat. Yum.

A question, though: On the Snake Head Fish dish: Did they process it through a Bass-O-Matic 2000? And did they remove the hook first? And did they use the whole fish?

The Donner Party had all of these items but still preferred cannibalism.

How is ground Snake Head fish in brine different from Gefilte Fish?

5*snork@ Burt Macklin, FBI!

Look for these fine products and much, much more
in the " Munch and Heave " section of your grocery store.

One time while on a fishing trip to mexico I caught a gefilte fish 15 ft long and 110 lbs.

As this thread progresses, haggis is actually starting to seem possibly edible.

It's nice to see snakehead where it belongs.

Ralph--If snakehead fish taste like chicken, Colonel Sanders may have a solution to this problem.

Just moved to Hawaii. Gonna be on the look out for this...

AR — also check the chips aisle https://www.amazon.com/Potato-Chips-Flavors-Chili-Squid/dp/B00NGPLNQ6

@NMUA - Lays Hot Chilli Squids would be a good name for a rock band.

All those wasted tears of my youth cutting lawns. Could have cornered the grass jelly market.

Snakeheads infested the Potomac. Politicians gave them professional courtesy. However, local wildlife agencies removed the fishing season for them. Fishermen catch year round and restaurants have found that they are quite tasty.

Kitchen tip: Squid crisps may be freely substituted for fried pork rinds in your favorite recipe.

Uh, I'll have a glass of water instead.

How gross! Now, let me get back to making brain tostadas and tongue tacos for lunch.

There is a "World Grocery" store in our area and from time-to-time my wife and I go there just to look at everything. It's mostly Asian food, there's actually a Chinese restaurant in the front, but they have food from Central and South America and some African things too.

We always try to play it cool and not act like tourists, but the food really is interesting and it's fun to explore. It'n not always easy to play it cool though, because some of the packaging is funny to an American eye, and some of the food is gross to an American palette.

There's an old story about a certain baby food manufacturer that wanted to expand into other countries, but in some markets no one was buying. What was found out was that in those countries there was a high level of illiteracy, the customers went by the pictures on the jars to identify the contents. Well since this certain baby food manufacturer put a baby face on jars . . .

Found at 7/11 in Hawaii. If you want good local food or poi, just grab it there. The tourist places charge tourist prices.

Giant centipedes and random south East Asian food? Making me remember Hawaii in new ways.

If you want real fun, check out the spam, ramen, and rice aisles. Yes, they get their own aisles.

"More squid eyes?"

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