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October 10, 2018



Owl leggings


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Owl be seeing you
In all the old familiar places
That this heart of mine embraces
All day and through

Owl find you in the morning sun
And when the night is new
Owl be looking at the MOON
Butt owl be seeing yo-o-o-u ♪♪

Let us not forget, people: just because you can, doesn't mean you should.

Owl la la!

I hope I never see a spotted owl.

I'd hoot at her, but I'd probably get smacked in the face.

If I were drunk, on some very heavy drugs, and being threatened at gun point, I still wouldn't wear these.

If I were drunk, on some very heavy drugs, and being threatened at gun point, I still wouldn't wear these.

But NC, wouldn't these fool the squirrels so they didn't sneak up on you from behind?

Just look into my eyes, not at my boobs.

Would Laura Petrie wear this? The answer is NO!

Several cat owners who bought these leggings are reportedly recovering nicely after only a few days in intensive care.

*Photoshopped thigh gap not included.

Kim Kardashian has nothing on this "bird"!

Them eyes looks angry!

Paging Alfred Hitchcock! Your lady is back, with a few feathers ruffled!

Just no.

Hey- my eyes are down here!

I've known folks with eyes in the back of their heads. This is more for the stoic butthead.


and when she walks, the owl winks at you

Where is the beak?

When I read 655321's comment I heard Clara Pellers's voice in my head.

Should be a hit at Hooters...

Yes. Still looking.

No fun if i looks back. I can't believe it's not butteyes.

This is what the Goddess Athena wears when her togas are in the wash.

MOTW, thanks for making me spit out my coffee!!

Didn't everyone have a teacher like this at one time or another?

Owl's well that ends (butts) well?

Still looking.

Overheard: "Hey, my boobs are UP here!"

You can wear them on Halloween and do owl eggings in your owl leggings!

Usually it is breasts that I get caught up in a starring contest with.

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