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October 31, 2018


Scientist ‘stabs colleague who kept telling him endings of books he was reading’

(Thanks to Unholy Slacker, Jay B., Matt F., Jim K., funny man, and my book group)


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Dante described those people as belonging in the 9th circle of Hell (he mentions this on the page 337)

Totally justified. Charge the "victim" with the cost of medical supplies.

CSI Frozen: Cold Case. **Spoiler**: Scientist, with a knife, in the Antarctic.

No jury of his peers (i.e., devout readers) would convict him!

Is there a problem officer?

Perfectly understandable.

Works for me....

Apparently Oleg never saw *this* knife/plot twist coming.

Was he reading Peter and the Starcatchers? Because I really love the way that Molly...

Back in the day, I ran for my life after saying "I almost cried when Obi Wan Kenobi died" to a person who hadn't seen Star Wars.

I loathe real spoilers, but I admit I've been guilty of fake spoilers. On the premiere day of Star Wars "The Empire Strikes Back", after viewing we were walking to the car beside the long line of people waiting to go in. I did NOT say, "His FATHER?!?!?..."

I *did* say quietly, "I can't believe they killed Luke..."

See? Now they were *pleasantly* surprised...

Anyone here ever read "Old Yeller"? The dog dies.

The hare loses. Bruce Wayne is the Batman. Robert Redford dies at the end of every movie. Whoa ! Wait a minute... Put down that knife.

P.S. You can ask Alexa (the AI) to summarize any book in print and she will. If you shoot or stab her you *may* get away with it! But violence and violins never solve problems.
(At least, that is what I think.)

The butler did it.

I wish someone would spoil the ending to "2001 A Space Odyssey" to me. AND that "Planet of the Apes" movie when Abe Lincoln is an ape.

He'll be back.

I still haven't watched the "I see dead people" movie (and i never will) because some &&&hole posted a spoiler.

Allen at Division - you rock.
judi - I see dead people is still really worth watching. It's a great movie.

"Ice-y Dead People" is about the Titanic.

It wasn't just that he was spoiling the endings, it was the way he was doing it.


"Who's there?"
"Not Old Yeller"

The Usual Suspects is still great even after you find out that ___ is actually ___.

The Titanic SANK!!!

Ishmael is the only survivor.

Some local coven of witches here put a hex on spoilers, said they would be taken by the Flying Terror, or some such rubbish.

Just to show them up, I’ll tell you about “Citizen Kane”. ‘Rosebud’ was hi>\^^nhh8[[^cbhdggsasg

Amy March dies.

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