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October 26, 2018


Flying electric taxis from Lilium on the horizon in Miami-Dade


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Whew! For a minute there I thought Lilium was a distant planet I'd never heard of that was invading us.
I don't want flying cars. I have enough problems on the road keeping people from running into me. I don't want to worry about cars falling out of the sky too.

All I can say is "You first".

Hold my beer while I fly this.

Flying Electric Taxis was one of the groups that didn't make it into Woodstock. Man, it was waaaay too far ahead of its time...

And because it’s electric, a Lilium Jet has no single failure point, he said, making it safer and more reliable than standard aircraft.

Umm .. proceed .. I'm still not sure of this logic ..

In an in-flight failure or collision, the jet discharges a parachute “so you can just float down,” he said.

No. Not all in-flight collisions are standardized and predictable: birds, other aircraft, wind sheer, etc. Chutes could fail (point of failure) to deploy, get tangled, catch on fire .. any number of combinations and permutations.

Cindy, me too! My friends who love science fiction have been waiting for this for 50 years.

If you need proof of what MOTW said, just check back to yesterday's story about the wayward Hummer.

What nursecindy said.

just for Jeff
Carry on the Wayward Humvee
You're in pieces when you're done
Lay your weary lead to rest
Don't you fly no more

MOTW- It has "no single failure point" because when it fails, it ALL fails together at the same time. That probably includes the parachute.

At first I though they were promoting a drug that made you think you were flying....

But we already have a few that can do that, right?

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