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October 16, 2018


Snake falls from ceiling in the middle of a business meeting

My apologies if this was already posted by judi, who will be fired as a precaution.


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Judi is safer on this one than the bank staff.

At a previous employer, a part fell off a construction crane and crashed through a window about 20 floors up. As I left the building, I wore a hard hat. When security yelled at me "That's not funny" I responded "I'm not joking."

Judi, it's an epidemic of Ceiling Snakes! They're everywhere! AIEEEE!

Well ,everywhere except here where, as you noted, they'd be a welcome development at the daily scrum.

Wow isn't that something. He is moving quite quickly too. So is everyone else.

We had that on the local news last night.

You are now free to change your underwear.

Possible chaos background music for the video.

Maybe the snake has a ssssssssssuper idea.

I went to a employee getaway once where we spent the entire weekend in a conference room discussing paradigms and how to think outside of the box. I would have welcomed snakes falling from the ceiling.

Professional courtesy. There could've been lawyers present.

He's also available for weddings, birthdays and Tupperware parties.

Cindy, you should have told him, "I got your pair o' dimes right here."

"OK, Chang. Tell your mother, the snake charmer witch, that you have that raise now."

Nice of a guest viper to "audit" the meeting, and I assume it ended quickly on that note!

Snakes never like to hang around in conference rooms, I hear...

Never been to Australia, 'Ave yuz, mate?" The tea lady would pick that viper up by the tail and whip snap crack his head over the CEO and CFO, laugh. Pound a Foster's, and say: "NEXT!" BTW: If u are lucky enough to fall in love with an Australian Bird - you will understand.

Australian Sushi?

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