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October 03, 2018


“Derision 2018: An Evening with Carl Hiaasen & Dave Barry” will deliver a humorous, yet serious, look at the political landscape and its impact on Florida.


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I'd leave the serious part to Bob Woodward. Or Omarosa.

The truly great comedians are adept at both comedy and tragedy, as they see clearly where these intersect, and thus inform their work (as do Dave and Carl) with both entertainment and insight. (And, booger jokes.)

Dave, if you need someone to teach the writer of this article how to spell your last name just let me know. I have relatives that are very good at giving "spelling lessons", iykwim. I wish this was closer to me so I could go.

Welcome back, Dave

Dave: "Carl, there's only one way to settle this like men. Loser has to do the 'serious' part: Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock!"

Unfortunately, there is no way that I can be in South Florida for this event? Will it ever be available online? More than happy to make a contribution to the cause to view it.

By the political landscape, I assume you mean Bikini Island.

I'm with Margaret.
My Parole Officer is really strict about that whole "Don't leave the state to hang out with Barryites" after the last incident at Anderson's Books.

Oh, crap! I got the "our website is currently unavailable in most European countries" message.

Voting for Bikini Island!

I think the serious part was fulfilled by Woodward's book in the photo.

And what Jeff said!

Hiaasen/Barry 2020! Florida Men Bring A Vision For The Future!

Wiredog — one would have to move out of Florida. President and VP have to be from different states

If you are taken to a room where you suddenly feel someone rubbing their genitals against you, get the heck out of there and make a note in your journal Schumer was there and appeared to be aroused.

"...a humorous, yet serious, look at the political landscape and its impact on Florida." Carl will do the politics and Dave will do the landscape, right?

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