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October 21, 2018


Burger King seems bound and determined to mess with your bowels.

(Thanks to pharmaross)


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I passed on the black bun Whopper a few years ago and I think I'll pass on this one too.
Little known fact: Red Velvet Cake will turn your poo red. So, if you've eaten a piece or two of this cake, you are not bleeding internally. I had a couple of patients in the ER with this problem who thought they were dying.

And then, there's asparagus.

I saw Bruise Colored Poo open for The Yardbirds.

NC, I've experienced the same after eating beets. Didn't go to the ER though......

Bowel Mess opened for Apulanta.

By the way, apulanta means fertillizer.

Discover the Rainbowel.

With my mix of meds, this could be interesting

Next year: Glow in the darl fries!

Next year: Glow in the dark fries!

When I feel the need to experience a colorful load of crap, I visit with my stock broker.

Pogo--I believe glowing poop might also indicate a sunny personality. Either that or you have spent too much time in Chernobyl.

Le Pet - or eating fireflies.

About the person who was worried about having one of these before a date. Do all your dates involve sharing/revealing your stool to the person unfortunate enough to have agreed to go out with you? I have a hard time believing this is attractive to anyone.

Since we are on the subject of unnaturally colored excrement, I had an unfortunate incident with a sea-dye marker while in the Air Force. It ended up all over me and apparently I ingested some of it. Bright yellow/green. I didn’t share this with anyone at the time.

I also had the displeasure of getting dosed heavily with flurizine dye. It turned me bright orange for a few days. Made my urine glow in the dark orange too. This I also did not share with anyone.

I have achieved full disclosure on this subject. You’re welcome.

No need to worry.

"...the additives are within acceptable limits according to the Food and Drug Administration."

If you say: "Do y'all wanna take a look at this before I flush?", you may be a redneck. With apologies to Jeff Foxworthy.

Giving Taco Bell a run (har!) for the undisputed title.

"Burger King seems bound and determined to mess with your bowels."

To anyone who has ever eaten at this fine establishment, no truer words have even been spoken...

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