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October 21, 2018


Giant Inflatable Colon Stolen in Kansas City

(Thanks to Jay B., Kevin S., Janice G., Richard W., Peter M., and Chris J.)


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Only an enema of the people would have done such a thing.

Christmas is just around the corner! Doing something like this takes a lot of guts.

If the replacement is half as good as the original, is it a semi colon?

Is nothing sacred ?

BOLO, Kansas City

Didn't they open for the Who?

The perfect gift for Thanksgiving.

Appearing soon at a local (kansas city) haunted house...??

because blowing your colon out is a Hallows Eve tradition??

I'm reminded of the "Colon Blow" commercial on SNL. One of the best.

Meh. No big deal, two big dots.

Or as it's called in Alabama, The Big Chitlin.

Loose bowels are never good.

As a colon cancer survivor, colons are usually not a laughing matter. This one, however, reminds me of Dave's great colonoscopy column from 2008.

Two thumbs up, Dave. Way up!

Snork @ Le Pet

Bowels on the run?

Maybe Dave borrowed it to research a follow-up colonoscopy column.

check washington

That took guts.

Congrats to PirateBoy for surviving cancer. I had a bout with the prostate variety a few years ago and survived. Now I go to Lubbock to have bypass surgery this morning.
Keep the light on for me!

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