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October 08, 2018


Birds Gone Wild

(Thanks to everyone and their mothers)


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Yeah, who's feeding them all that beer? Or fermented "berries"?

Isn't is supposed to be a crime, contributing to the deliquentcy of a mynah (bird)? Why were they singled out?

Birds that are arrested for public drunkenness are held without bail, as they are a flight risk. (Same for drunken fish, who are held in the tank.)

Nathur luvs alkehol!

There's never a drunk bird around when you really need one.

"deliquentcy of a mynah ". One of the worst puns evah. Well done !

We have a plethora of drunk birds here in Geezer Acres this time of year. Sadly, we have determined the alcohol content of the birds is lost when you grill them.

* snork * @ funny man & K...

Nature has been berry berry good to the avian delinquent community.

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