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October 30, 2018


B-T blows up moose near Cache

(Thanks to John Donart, coscolo and B'game, who says "Fortunately, there are no whales in Wyoming.")


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Hollywood could employ this strategy with rotten producers and actors.

Many people had different reactions to this:

"YES!"--Boris Badenof

"You mean like

this ?--Macys Thanksgiving Parade cordinator

the link that failed:


Key quote:
... Jackson Hole News&Guide copy editor Mark Huffman happened to be in the Cache Creek area when the sickened moose went “boom.”

If your federal job is to pack 100 pounds of explosives into the Gros Ventre Wilderness to blow up a stinking rotting moose, you deserve a reward of relaxing with some porn on a government computer afterwards.

Key quote: "“There’s nothing left,” Lash said. “It’s kind of a slick way to get rid of a carcass.”"

I wonder if this will make the police blotter of the Flathead County Beacon?

Did it bite someone's sister?

So they were worried it would attract predators/scavengers. Said predators/scavengers are attracted by the aroma. The solution is to spread the rotting material around in a larger area in fine bits so it can rot faster and give off more aroma?

“The idea behind using explosives is that the not-so-intact body would be scavenged....”

Is “not so intact”, the politically correct term for “blown to smithereens” ?

Has anyone seen Bullwinkle lately ?

OK, so now the OTHER animals in the forest can feast on goodies like lethal carotid artery worms? A funeral pyre for Old Marty the Moose would have made more environmental sense.

Oh, and Lethal Carotid Worms opened for the Dead Kennedys. Killer show.

Terrorism rocks almost everywhere these days, even Boko-haram and Fulani herdsmen's menace in Nigeria has become song all over the world, it well known everywhere.

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