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October 02, 2018


We're still waiting for our hoverboards.

(Thanks to funny man)


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Isn’t most travel in Florida performed at over 100 mph?

Still, it would be nice to save an hour each way on my commute

Have they figured out how to make it lose the luggage in the trunk?

And if you're traveling cross-country, do you still need to change in Atlanta?

This should take high-speed chases by the police to a whole new level...literally.

This'll add a whole new level to double parking.

Looks like they used the Jetson's car as a model.

You know a certain car manufacturer is using the Jetson's and Flinstone's to sell electric cars, but I'm still waiting for the advent of low-cost flying cars.

or at least Dino doing his Uber thing.


"World's first FLYING CAR that can turn into a plane in less than a minute"

"And becomes a pile of ashes in less than 10 minutes."

You first and no, I will not hold your beer as I will be nowhere near the soon-to-be crash site.

Great Scott !!!

Overheard from an investigator at the crash site: "Well here is some good news. There's enough left of this Canadian goose to make a decent meal."

Snork @ Le Pet

What whine is served with scorched goose?

If you think this is a great idea just remember that people with Florida driver's licenses will have them too.

Won't we need really tall stop signs?

Did anyone else notice that the object in the photograph titled, "Test Flight" looks almost nothing like the object in the CGI video?

On the subject of flying cars, I always remember the words of the great Cecil Adams (straightdope.com):

"Look at your fellow commuters: The woman in the next car is reading her Kindle. The guy on the other side is shaving. The kid ahead of you is sexting his boyfriend. These are the people you want driving around the sky at 125 miles an hour?"

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