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October 19, 2018


You may experience "some emotional issues" if you read this.

(Thanks to a bunch of sick puppies)


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Mufasa explains all this to Simba in the LION KING. Circle of Life etc.

I experienced projectile vomit finding it's way up into my mouth.

Why would there be "emotional issues" unless you tell them about it.

I smell lawsuit.

When my grandma passed she wanted her ashes to be spread in her homemade cookies, but my smart ass cousin put them in the chili trying to be cock.

What a unique idea for Halloween cookies.

Those Donner kids still like their parties.

I will add this to the post bucket list for my ashes

Hell, this happened in California, and I bet the parents of the kids were upset because the ashes weren't vegan.

Okay class, for extra credit, match the quote with the possible celebrity chef who MIGHT have said this in response:

A:"I know Mrs. Fields, And young lady, you're No Mrs. Fields!"
B: "Don't forget to add extra Vanilla!"
C: "Enough sauce and you'll never know they're in there!"
D: "Don't tell McDonalds your secret Recipe"
E. "I usually add about two fingers of wine..."

1.Colonel Sanders
2. Guy Fieri
3. Gordon Ramsey
4. Martha Stewart
5. Julia Child

At least one out of the nine must be allergic to human ashes. Kids in school these days are allergic to anything and everything anybody brings to share with the class. Certainly no exception for this.

Later, headteacher Tyler Millsap thought back on the time the same kids served a fava bean and liver dip they had made. Then he realized possibly the "emotional damage" could be more widespread than first thought.

Simple punctuation misunderstanding: the classmates thought they were eating grandma's cookies, not grandma-cookies.

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