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October 11, 2018


A West Virginia woman is accused of trying to steal a car, threatening to drink deputies' blood and hiding a knife in her buttocks.

(Thanks to Jon Harris)


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We don't appreciate or pay our police deputies enough.

In some states assault with a crappy weapon doubles the sentence.

@MOTW: I usually agree, but in this case where she was attacking with a hatchet, they didn't search her? They fortunately just happened to find the knife when she was being booked?

Years ago when I was working in mental hospitals the police brought a woman from jail for a psych eval. I was reading her chart when she reached into her bra and took out a loaded and cocked Derringer. She simply laid it on the desk and said she didn't want it anymore.
It seems police are still missing some critical items when they search prisoners.

Kind of disappointing after learning a knife was hidden in her buttocks not to see a gun hidden in her vagina.

In that order...?

Wait--this WASN'T in Flathead? Because it sounds like a typical Saturday night....well....you know....


Florida Woman would kick her knife.

@ wanderer2575 - police don't typically search inside people's buttocks in the field, that's usually done at the detention facility.

Slim Chance, I moved to Florida to get away from those kind of people. Silly me.

A chase ensued when deputies found her on a nearby staircase. A deputy shot Fullmer with a stun gun when she ran at his cruiser with the hatchet in hand. She threatened to stab deputies in the neck and watch their "blood drain as she drank it" while being transported.

Sheesh... some people take Halloween way too seriously these days!

Guys! She's available....in Jail cell #3, W. Virginia City Center Jail!

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