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October 11, 2018


Harris County commissioners are prepared to ban so-called robot brothels, just as Houston did last week.

(Thanks to Charles Cates)


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Leave it to Texas to impose new restrictions on their people.

Note to all governments regulating robot brothels: It's not wise to rile Gort.

So a guy can't have sex with his car's tailpipe anymore?

Off topic update: just a note that as of early afternoon, nursecindy lost her power. Even though the Weather Channel geeks are nearly 200 miles away in Raleigh, she said that Michael is "much worse" than Florence.

/end update

Will the robots still be allowed to do the evening news ?

I guess we can't have a new thing with poker and robot hookers.

What about black jack and hookers for robots?

Yeah, because robot pimps are too hard to handle? Because robot hookers can't make change? Because Hal said so?

@nursecindy: But no mosquitos, right? Hoping that losing power is the worst of it for you.

Power is back on but many trees are down unfortunately. We also had some problems with flooding. One tree fell in my dad's front yard and barely missed his house. I'm just happy it's over and most everyone is okay. Also, I have not seen any rogue robot hookers running around.

NC -- the higher end robot hookers also have cloaking devices. It makes for interesting interactions in Walmart parking lots.

Hats off to Harris County Commissioners for protecting these robots who would otherwise be forced into the sex trade, and for protecting the jobs of real American prostitutes.

I saw Robot Hookers open for the Sex Pistols.

Robot hookers and their pimp Bender were featured in Futurama. As always, they are ahead of trends.

Does this include emotional support robot hookers?

Rogue Robot hookers and hurricanes would be a great plot for the next Jack Bauer installment IYKWIMAITYD...

By the way, a robot from Boston Dynamics can do now really impressive things, like climbing stairs, parcours, opening doors, etc. It is scary.

What if I just open a "Robot Hooker Rental Shop"? If you have to take it home, then I don't think the ordinance covers it...

Qaz: They'll never get it to clean up cat hairballs.

They said the one in the window was a real doll, but had inflated hopes.

How will they ever get people to apply for any type of job which mentions housekeeping or general cleaning services at that business? BYOSC - Bring Your Own Steam Cleaner?

So soon there will be a demand for robot hooker technicians and cleaners? A hazmat suit might come in handy. Pun intended.

"Alexa — talk dirty to me..."

Problem solved.

As long as they don't outlaw mechanical bull rides, I'm sure most of us will be fine.

I just realized that the story doesn't make clear whether it a brothel of robots or a brothel for robots.

I think this is the fifth city I’ve heard of that is the first to ban robot brothels.

Is this how SkyNet got started?

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