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October 05, 2018


The manager reported two women were “trying to re-enact a scene from the movie ‘Dirty Dancing,’” the report states.


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At least they didn't re-enact "Copacabana," right?

Why do we even have a Constitution, if you can't re-enact DIRTY DANCING in a liquor store? This is not the Florida I know.

Well at least it wasn't Saturday Night Fever

As long as they weren't doing the childbirth scene, what's the problem?

I would have been more inclined to see how it played out.

Just put them in a corner to punish them.

Maybe they were trying to recreate a scene from Patrick's other classic, "Road House," instead.

I ran into the same problem when I tried to re-enact scenes from Footloose at Myrtle Beach, SC.

The manager probably didn’t say, “I’ve had the time of my life” because the women were refused service and told to leave.

The reporter clearly has been taking writing tips from Justin Franz (author of the Flathead Beacon police blotter).

A yes vote for Road House. Discuss.

Your honor, having already consumed the “Total Wine”, my client was simply exercising the “More” option.

Maybe they tried to drive Ben Gazzara's truck with the giant wheels into the store.

I think they were both trying to decide who could do a better Jerry Orbach impression.

When Ben Gazzara told Jeff Healy, "play something Elvis" prompting Julie Michaels to dirty dance.

nursecindy - You could form a trio with the ladies and have an east coast tour of performances. Ticket and merchandise sales would be hot.

I think most people on this blog would pay money to see nursecindy cut Footloose.

Le Pet -

It's Florida AND attempted Dirty Dancing.

Does this qualify as a hanging offense?

@Slim Chance--Nah, this happened in Florida. If folks got hung for stuff like this in Florida, there wouldn't be enough people left to hold a card game. I wouldn't advise them to play at a West Texas Roadhouse, however.

Sounds like some Dirty Driving was going down.

She drunkenly yelled "Nobody puts Cindy in the corner!" as she was being stuffed into the squad car.

Nobody drinks baby under the table.

" It's not clear what scene they worked to re-enact."

Probably the one where the intoxicated, over-the-hill Borscht Belt comic insults the wife of the resort owner and gets into a fight with security.

Next time I recommend the "Good Morning" scene from SINGING IN THE RAIN. And yes, I'm getting back on the bus.....

It's not clear what scene they worked to re-enact.

Well obviously it's that scene where Madea goes to jail!


Wow, think how bad a dancer you have to be to get arrested. The store clerk was just sitting there, mumbling to himself that their shimmies were terrible before he had enough.

Also proof you don't need to be white to be a bad dancer.

Oh I liked the movie Dirty Dancing but can't imagine it with two women.

It's "Elvis, play something with balls."

Don't throw stones like you never imagined.

Since you asked, A bit of trivia. The singer for Cruzados, Tito Larriva, appeared in the film, soundtrack, and score, for From Dusk Till Dawn. Larriva, Atanasoff, and Johnny "Vatos" Hernandez are the band performing their song After Dark in the bar for Salma Hayek. In 1997.

Warning: A snake is involved.

Tito Larriva Pronounced Tito.

I would like a show of hands who already knew all this. I have never 'actually' watched Dirty Dancing. Which is Far Out. However, I have watched Road House billions and billions of times and, to this day, model my life after Dalton.

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