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October 20, 2018




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The Jumpin Jive clip: How I think I dance.
This clip: How everyone else thinks I dance.


Ouch! Major Ouch! My boys are cringing just watching.

Big Deal. It was The Greatest Generation.

Yeah, the Nicholas Brothers were amazing.

I hadn’t focused on the use of shadow before. Incredible.

Back when music videos were embedded in movies.

Crazy good, crazy good!

My family told me I can dance like that, but only at weddings (of nieces and nephews) and after 7 or 8 shots of vodka. I have no memories of this, except of broken wrist.

I got a sports hernia from watching that.

Dear Blog Guys,
Do NOT try that splits while going down the steps routine at home.
I wish you could still go somewhere and see entertainment like this. I love swing, jazz, and big band music. It makes you feel happy just to hear it. I guess I was born a couple of decades too late. Great video!

What nursecindy said...that era had an embarrassment of riches in popular music and in gifted entertainers.

And, in a different world, the Nicholas Brothers would have been major movie musical stars, with vehicles built around their talents and personalities just as they were for the likes of Mickey and Judy and Fred and Ginger.

Maybe Dave is the Nicholas Brothers of humor writing. He's that good.

Perfect pairing of Cab Calloway beginning and the Nicholas Brothers finishing. Their style was so Fine. Such athleticism paired with grace. Toward the end when they should be tired, they are still in utter control. I also loved the way this was filmed, the cuts showcasing various aspects, and the use of throwing the dancers' shadows up on the white curtain.

Thanks so much for sharing, judi!

The part where they're doing the splits descending the staircase belongs in an Advil commercial.

Also, that part at 2:59 always makes me feel sorry for the piano...

Okay! Watching that, I'm tired and have had my (mental) exercise for the week!

If we could bottle and sell that energy...

To quote (i think) Joe E. Brown: "Wowsie!"

In the early 80's, I actually got to see one of these guys dance. A local community theater was doing a Gershwin play, and one of the Nicholas brothers had a cameo role. He sat on a bench for most of the play, then got up and did about 20 seconds of tap dancing - and he had to have been at least 80 years old. It was still amazing.

I once did a similar dance number when I got out of my Jeep to sample a mine and stepped on a rattlesnake. The rattler struck my leather hiking boot and got tangled in the laces. No matter how many jumps and kicks I did, that snake stayed fastened to my boot. I eventually got it loose and it never bit flesh. My sweet wife, however, never let me forget about the time I did a snake dance.

Wow indeed. I hope they had ice packs available off stage.

And here I was expecting to click on some overly-confident ditch-destined "hold my beer" oaf who would soon have to wear a veterinary cone and re-learn the alphabet. Well done, Judi.

Nurse Cindy
Try Big Bad Voodoo Daddy on youtube. You won't be disappointed.

Pirateboy, I'm seriously jealous. And man, the way they come so effortlessly out of those splits...

My favorite retro dance video:



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